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Quick Rails Test Prescriptions Update

It’s been quiet on the Rails Test Prescription front. Those of you on the beta program should have gotten Beta 11 earlier this week. There are no major changes in this beta, but it does contain the final copyedit, a pass through the errata, and a couple of late-breaking reviewer comments.

At the moment, the book is being typeset, which means that non-typesetter changes to the source files are definitely contraindicated.

My understanding, which is guaranteed to be somewhat incorrect, is that the typesetter will be done early next week. At that point, we’ll have a couple of days to make sure everything looks okay, and then it’ll actually go to the printer. Once it goes to the printer, I think it will go out of beta for the purposes of buying the book. I expect to have more concrete dates once it’s actually at the printer.

I’m not saying I’m excited about this finally being a physical book, but my first commit to the original, self-published repo was November 7th, 2008.


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