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July 22, 2010: Catching Up

Me Me Me

Video of my recent talk at Refresh Chicago: You Got Your Agile in My UXD is now online. I haven’t actually watched this version all the way through, but I apologize in advance for looking like a drowned rat — it was raining that night. (Not, of course, in the room where the talk was…)

Book Status

Now working on switching the early “tutorial” chapters to favor Rails 3. I think that we’re going to use Rails 3 on these walkthroughs and have a sidebar or something about significant Rails 2 differences. For other parts of the book, we’ll not significant Rails 3/ Rails 2 differences where they exist — a lot of stuff is relatively unchanged.

Catching up

Since I’m already in a self-promotion mode, and I don’t have many links to share, I’ll just mention a few things:

The book is still on sale at Pragmatic and Amazon.

I’m teaching a 4-day Advanced Ruby on Rails class at Obtiva central from Aug 30 to Sep 2.

If 4-days is too much, I’m doing a 3 hour tutorial on testing legacy applications at WindyCityRails 2010.

Enjoy your day. Tomorrow will be less self-promotional.


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