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Rails Rx Daily Standup: April 7, 2010

Book Status

Phone call with Colleen (the book’s editor) confirms what I had posted yesterday. We should know shortly when the beta actually will begin for real.

Started looking at the integration and Webrat chapters. I’ll be adding Capybara to the mix as well. Also started putting together the Rails 3 version of the sample code, which quickly foundered because there isn’t an official Rails 3 version of Authlogic. There are a couple of forks that claim compatibility, though, so I think one of them will serve as a shortcut.

Tab Dump

I was at the Chicago Ruby meetup, yesterday, featuring lightning talks from David Chelimsky, Jake Scruggs, Ryan Briones, and other people that I know less well. Full list here. A nicely done evening.

This is a few days old, but gembundler.com is now the go-to place for Bundler documentation. I definitely learned some things here.

Rails 3 beta 2 came out last week, and here’s a quick guide to the relatively few important developer-facing changes.

Awesome print is very high on the list of things I’d like to start using on current projects. Looks pretty neat.


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