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RailsRx Daily Standup: April 6, 2010

Book Status

The initial beta release of Rails Test Prescriptions has been pushed back at least a week. It’s not anybody’s fault, just a traffic jam of books all coming into the system at the same time (including, I assume, the new iPad book).

Hoping to see a cover and other details in time for next week. In the meantime, I’m continuing on as if we’re in the beta, which means I’m now revisiting the section on integration testing.

Tab Dump

In honor of opening day, here’s a Ruby library for accessing Major League Baseball’s Gameday API, from Timothy Fisher.

Alex Pane tries to take a moderate position on the iPad openness question, at least relative to Cory Doctorow. I mostly agree with this take — I’d love the platform to be more open, but am not personally much affected by the current state. (Well, I’m not affected at all by iPod openness, I don’t have one. I mean the iPod/iPhone/iTunes products as a group). See below comment that longer blog rants are in progress…


Couple longer blog rants in progress. Also, I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with railsrx.com, which a) still has outdated info on the old version of the book and b) not on a server that I have ready access to anymore. Basically, I’m trying to decide how fancy I need to get for what will mostly just be a blog. Running my own blog instance in the past railsrx.com proved to be kind of a pain, though most of that was comment-spam related.


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